Humanity Means Better Business

Reaching out for helpIs your widget or service really THAT special?  Unlikely.

In this age of commoditization, everything can be purchased, anywhere, anytime, from many sources.

Can your customers, your patrons, your tribe find a similar offering or service elsewhere that will fill the basic requirements which they are seeking?  Certainly.  What you really need to think about offering, to stand clearly apart, is more humanity.

Deliver more humanity and you win.

Don’t sell. Be.  Offer your humanity, offer kindness, offer your genuine interest, be generous.  Get out of yourself and to the degree you do, your relationships will grow in numbers and in richness.

Our world, your world, is super-saturated with self-absorption, posturing, lock-in, lock-out, and ruthless self-interest.  No one listens anymore.  This is your biggest opportunity, however, to change your world and begin putting a “ding” in the universe.

By trading self-interest and narcissism for a genuine outward expression of humanity, you build trust and intimacy in your relationships – personal and business.  Authenticity is key here.

Your customers can find a widget or a service that will do what yours does or offers, maybe just as well, maybe better.  You know it, I know it, they know it.  What your customers CAN’T find, what is truly scarce, is humanity.

Delivering humanity does have a cost.  Offering it is risky.  The act takes courage.  That’s why people would rather not deal in it.  This is why most relationships have become commodities, predictable safe dances which hold the promise of being underwhelmed.

most relationships have become commodities, predictable safe dances which hold the promise of being underwhelmed

For a day, just one day, try this, try stepping outside of yourself in your relationships.  Ask people how they are doing, and mean it.  Be generous, become vulnerable, and trust.  If you are rejected, so what.  You will have become better for this act of generosity and courage.  Don’t think “what’s in it for me,” think “how can I be of service.”

Try a generous dose of humanity.

Now, go out there and carve your initials on the universe.

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