50 Qualities of a Real Man – A Man’s Life Vow


Below are some thoughts on a man’s life vow, that is, the things to which every man should aspire.  We are all works in progress.  Success is not a measure of where you are on any of these items, but rather how you progress on them.

If our contemporary culture seems hostile to the traditional role of men, it is not because those traditions are not of value anymore, but rather because men have not stepped up to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Thus stepping down, a vacuum has been created.

The question remains “Who will step up to fill this void?”

A Man’s Life Vow:

  1. I will not procrastinate
  2. I will be decisive
  3. I will not wallow in confusion, self doubt, or self pity
  4. I will not “roll my eyes”
  5. I will not adopt a sarcastic attitude
  6. I will have a “can do” not a “can’t do because…” attitude
  7. I will not look for excuses, I will look for solutions
  8. I will bring light and not darkness into the world
  9. I will accept full responsibility for my actions
  10. I will seek to be just
  11. I will assume my role as the spiritual head of my household
  12. I will speak with clarity
  13. I will be the master of my mind and my thoughts
  14. I will protect my family
  15. I will provide for my family
  16. I will take care of my health
  17. I will groom myself appropriate to my position
  18. I will speak when something must be said, but do so with thought first
  19. I will remain calm in emergency situations
  20. I will manage my fear
  21. I will be master of my emotions and not let them rule over me
  22. I will not abuse alcohol, tobacco, or any other drug
  23. I will lead my spouse in learning to become open and trusting
  24. I will be vigilant in creating and maintaining a strong marriage, never leaving it’s success to chance or fate
  25. I will understand the true value of my reputation and that it is earned and built, brick by brick, deed by deed.
  26. I will be active and present in my community as is possible
  27. I will be an active and present influence in raising my children
  28. My yes will mean yes and my no mean no
  29. I will honor my commitments, vows, and promises
  30. I will be punctual and honor time, the most precious commodity
  31. I will practice an attitude of gratefulness for all I have, whether in abundance or scarcity
  32. I will teach my children to know a loving God through my words and actions
  33. I will defend and care for the weak, the invisible, the poor, and the unborn.  Understanding that nothing trumps the respect and protection for innocent, human life.
  34. I will treat women with respect in my thoughts, words, and actions
  35. I will not observe pornography in any form, because it makes a man weak and infects all those around him
  36. I will respect all people, regardless of social and financial position, race, creed, color, gender
  37. I will never talk behind another’s back, never gossip
  38. I will respect nature, because it is a gift from God
  39. I will take responsibility for educating myself to become a better and more effective man
  40. I will lead a more disciplined life by developing a schedule for work and personal time
  41. I will be frugal with my financial resources, no matter how much or how little
  42. I will not take on debt unless absolutely necessary or where it makes financial sense (so called “good” debt)
  43. I will tithe at least 10% of all my earnings, realizing that my finances come from God, not my job
  44. I will raise my boys to be men who lay down their life for their loved ones every day and to become strong men of God
  45. I will raise my girls to be ladies who are strong in the ways of family, marriage, and faith
  46. I will learn every day to become more honorable, courageous, and virtuous through my study and actions
  47. I will seek to serve instead of being served
  48. I will not look to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value
  49. I will keep my mind focused on those things which are true, beautiful, and good
  50. I will guard my eyes, ears, and mouth from anything that makes me less of a true and virtuous man
  51. I will take full responsibility for knowing what work I can do best and what I am most skilled at doing
  52. I will learn my craft well – I will seek to master it
  53. I will teach my children practical life skills they will never learn in school: how to balance a check book, how to repair appliances around the home, how to repair windows, how to care for the exterior of a home, how to paint, how to maintain the yard, how to operate and understand machinery, how to change a leaky faucet-how to perform basic plumbing repairs, how to maintain a car, how to do their own laundry, how to cook, how to clean, how to manage time, how to do basic carpentry.
  54. I will teach my children about sportsmanship and team play
  55. I will teach my children to throw a ball, swing a bat or racket, swim, kick a ball, hunt, and fish
  56. I will help my children learn to read – and read to them, because reading unlocks the door to a bigger world
  57. I will laugh more with those I love
  58. I will not live a measured life.  I will spend myself fully, knowing that a life lived right, replenishes all I spend – and then some.
  59. I will realize that time is precious and honor time.  I can always make more money, buy I can never get my time back.
  60. I will realize that money and power, mean nothing and that virtue, honor, and courage mean everything
  61. When it comes to my worth as a man, I will NOT look at my life through the eyes of other men, but through the eyes of heaven

Please leave a comment to add vows that you believe a man should incorporate in his life.


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